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Aviator Flight Services

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Aviator Flight Services (AFS), located on Boeing Field International Airport (BFI), is a flight club that strives to provide the Puget Sound region with a fresh alternative to a wide variety of flight services, such as instruction and aircraft rental. With a simple and easy onboarding and no-nonsense pricing, we strive to be the primary destination for you to take to the sky. With no initiation fees and no monthly dues, we know you will be happy to see your funds go directly toward your flight hours as a student or a licensed pilot!

Would you like to try your hand at flying without making a commitment? We offer Seattle's widest variety of intorductory flights where you and your friends can view the Seattle area from a perspective most never see: a bird's eye view that you will never forget and a list of local landmarks to remember like the Seattle waterfront, CenturyLink and SafeCo Fields, Snoqualmie Falls, the UW campus and more. Depending on your desires and your available flight time, the amount of destinations are endless! We have packages to fit any budget and offer custom flight experiences as well, all of which include a logbook to document your first official flight training, a thorough ground briefing, and inspection of the plane. Each step is led by one of our top-notch flight instructors who have a deep passion for aviation. If you've never made it into a plane for a private tour of the city, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of one of our packages and experience the freedom of flight!

Founded and represented by a variety of individuals ranging from aviation industry leaders to flight instructors and student pilots, AFS is a community of like-minded aviators interested in affordable, safe and fun flying. AFS pilots range in experience from student airmen to line captains with thousands of hours and Airline Transport Pilot certificates. You will meet people from all backgrounds, working in numerous industries and at many companies amongst our membership while flying, socializing or hanging out with the planes.

Our goal here at AFS is to connect aircraft, instructors, professional and recreational pilots, and aspiring aviators, creating a rich community where all involved feel a strong sense of ownership and inclusion. Primary and advanced flight instruction is offered through the use of independent flight instructors possessing corporate and airline backgrounds, and individual rental is offered on the fleet of owned aircraft.

We encourage airmen of all ages and experience levels to join Seattle's newest aviation community as it grows.

Driving Directions

From I-5 northbound: Take Exit 158 and head west on South Boeing Access Road. Bear right at the sign for Airport Way and proceed north to the airport.

From I-5 southbound: Take Exit 161, then turn right on South Albro Place. At the first light, turn right onto Stanley Avenue South, and bear right (yield to traffic) onto 13th Avenue South. Immediately turn right onto Airport Way and proceed south to the airport.


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If you'd prefer, you can contact us here.

Aviator Flight Services

8555 Perimeter Road South
Seattle, WA 98108
(425) 999-2529 (phone)

King County International Airport (Boeing Field) Information

7277 Perimeter Road South
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 296-7380 (phone)
(206) 296-0190 (fax)
(206) 658-6400 (tower)
(206) 767-4113 (ATIS)