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Baker’s Dozen FAQ

What is the Baker’s Dozen promotion?

The Baker’s Dozen promotion is a program wh​ere for every 12 complete hours you fly and pay for in a rental plane from Aviator Flight Services in a single calendar month, you will receive a credit for one free hour of plane rental the following month.

Do the free hours expire?

Yes, they are only valid for the following calendar month.  For example, if you fly and pay for 14 hours in June, you will get a free hour that is available only for the month of July.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the promotion?

You must be a member in good standing (current contract on file, valid pilot’s license with current Flight Review standing and valid medical or a student with valid medical (as necessary) flying with a CFI or solo) and the flight hours must be paid in full by the end of the calendar month.

How do I collect my free hour?

Coordinate with AFS staff to apply the credit prior to conducting the flight in which you wish to use the free hour.

Can I earn more than one free hour in a month?

Yes, for each whole amount of 12 hours flown and paid for within a month, you will receive one free hour for each.  Fly 12 get 1 free, fly 24 get 2 free, etc.

I am a CFI and giving lessons/Discovery Flights/Flight Reviews – do I get a free hour for every 12 flown?

No, you only get credit for the hours you fly and pay for. As a CFI you are paid for your time by the students or the discovery flight passengers. Since they are the ones paying for the plane, those hours are not eligible for the Baker’s Dozen promotion.

I flew a bunch of time with a friend and we split the cost/flying time.  Do we each get credit?

You will only receive credit if your name is in the HOBBS Time Log.  If there are two names in the log (in the Primary Renter field) then the time will be split 50/50 across those two members.

What if I have a reservation that would take me over 12 hours in a month, but I get weathered out?

Sorry, weather complications happen to everyone and we are unable to accommodate situations like these.  If you don’t pay for the 12 full flight hours, you will not be eligible for the free hour the following month.

Can I pre-pay for the flight hours to get me to 12 and then actually fly the hours the next month?

Yes, you may, but you can only carry the free hour for the next calendar month; they are use-or-lose hours. Pre-paid hours do not expire.

I am a pre-solo student, am I eligible for this promotion?

Yes, students are eligible provided it is their name in the HOBBS book and their qualifying flight time is paid for.  The free hour only applies to plane rental and does not include time from a CFI which must be paid separately. Also, students must be paid in full with their CFIs in order to earnt he free hour.  Free hours will not be released without confirmation from the CFI that the student is paid in full.

I only have time to fly for half an hour, can I split up my free hour?

For simplicity sake in tracking hours and bookkeeping, no.  You must use the entire hour within a single reservation.

Can I cash in my free hour for money back?

No, the free hour can only be used as time flown and only in the immediate calendar month following the month you earned it.

Can I give my free hour to someone else to use since I will be unable to fly it?

Yes, you can give your hour away to someone. Contact the AFS staff to coordinate the transfer. Eligibility and expiry rules apply.

Can I use my free hour on any plane?

Yes, you may use a free hour for any of the planes in the fleet (subject to change).

How long is this promotion going to last?

While we intend to continue the program in the foreseeable future, this is a limited time promotion that is subject to change and/or cancellation at any time. Free hours earned have no monetary value and are cancelled when the promotion end. No compensation or reimbursement shall be issued at the closing of the promotion. 


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