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N33672 ("Higgins", "Skittles") - $130/hour*

No matter whether you refer to '672 as "Higgins" or "Skittles", most folks on Boeing Field will know to which plane you are referring. This plane was originally brought to Boeing Field from Watsonville, Califoria, where it was owned by a former NASA engineer and used to commute between Watsonville and Moffett Field.

Higgins is utilized primarily for basic pilot training by students pursuing their Private Pilot License. He sports the standard six-pack of "steam gauges", JPL fuel computer, a digital VAL Avionics VOR/localizer/glide slope/marker receiver, and a panel-mounted Garmin Aera 500 GPS. He is also outfitted with several performance modifications including improved wheel pants, wing root and flap gap seals, and vortex generators mounted on the wings' leading edges near the wing roots which improves handling during slow flight.

You can download the Weight and Balance worksheet by clicking here.

Club Membership an​​​d rental details:

For a limited time, the club has no initiation fees or monthly maintenance fees. A checkout by one of the club CFIs is required and typically lasts 2.5-4 hours (ground included, depending on client's experience and performance). Once checked out by a CFI, you will be able to book time in the airplane through Flight Schedule Pro.  Currently there are no daily minimums or overnight minimums for multi-day rentals. If a rental is expected to last more than five days, contact club management for prior authorization. Complete a membership contract with a CFI at time of checkout or available in the office.

* All prices are wet (based on Hobbs time) and include insurance but do not include taxes or CFI services (if required). Instructors are to be paid separately.​



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