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An Introduction to Aviator Flight Services

Howdy, and thanks for checking us out! My name is Stephen, and I'm a private pilot. I'm also a student with aspirations of becoming a commercial pilot - and, for that matter, a great many other things as well. For the sake of this blog post, though, I'm one of the folks at Aviator Flight Services, Seattle's newest (and obviously coolest) flight organization, and I'd like to thank you for dropping by.

The core group of the AFS team met during the course of my own flight training a few years back, and because of the horrible experience we all had with the school (or was it a club?!?), we decided to start our own endeavor when they finally went out of business.

At the time, I was a private student with dozen of hours but had not yet soloed. It wasn't that I was a horrible pilot or student (at least, I hope not), but the school/club to which I belonged was absolutely worthless. There were dozens of students, and only three servicable aircraft - many of which I suspected were of questionable airworthiness. Eventually this number shrank to two - and then one. Finally, the day came when there were no airworthy aircraft.

Unhappy but determined to finish my training, I began shopping for a new school with mixed results. I found a number of places that offered late-model planes with glass cockpits (and a correspondingly high pricetag), and I found a few places on the opposite end of the spectrum that gave me access to very low-end planes in which I was terrified to fly. I found a place outside of Boeing Field that seemed like a decent place to fly, but they were so busy that it was difficult to find any availability in their fleet. Sadly, I found that there were only a few middle-of-the-road clubs, but they were located further away than I was willing to travel, and couldn't offer training outside of standard hours.

With that in mind, I spoke to several of my former flight-school cohorts and instructors, and we decided to launch our own little organization at Boeing that would allow like-minded aviation enthusiasts to meet, fly together, and support each other in their various endeavors - be it basic training, formation flying, advanced ratings, or simply kicking each others' butts when we fail to maintain currency. Plus, since I had made a great many mistakes in pursuit of my license, I was pretty confident that I could steer other students clear of the same screw-ups that I had made. And, being a student myself, I was determined to try and help organize instruction and offer services in such a way as to provide all students the opportunity to get their tickets in a reasonable amount of time - while affording them quality instruction by using seasoned, veteran instructors.

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