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Why Aviator Flight Services?

The value of a selecting the right flight organization often goes far beyond saving money. The best organizations bring people together and create a supportive community of like-minded individuals that make it far more likely that any one individual will stick to his or her commitment to aviation. The organizaton essentially becomes a "support group."

It's all about community!

Clearly, there are many clubs, schools, and FBOs in the Seattle area that offer training, rentals, and membership in their clubs. For the most part, these organizations are largely impersonal and lack the feeling of community that AFS strives to achieve. AFS' social experience is probably the single largest differentiator between us and all other Seattle area schools, clubs, and FBOs.

AFS' goal is to facilitate relationships within the local aviation community that will last a lifetime. Our mission is to groom and nurture a close group of aviation enthusiasts and build a small and friendly community.

Because AFS is the "new kid on the block", you'll find that we have one of the lowest pilot-to-plane ratios in the Seattle Area.


AFS offers you the flexibility to work with your own flight instructor or one of our skilled CFIs. Because we utilize technology to keep track of your progress through the various stage checks, you're able to utilize your own instructor, an in-house instructor, or a little of both.

We understand the sense of community and the bond between instructors and students. This is an extremely important aspect in the success of your flight training program. From experience, we know that there are instructors in the community that are as passionate as we are. They enjoy collaborating with like-minded individuals to explore the same areas of interest as well as sharing their own philosophies in flight training. That being said, we developed our business model to have the flexibility to bring in your own instructor. We will have the CFI go through a check-out procedure and exchange of documentation before performing lessons to ensure quality of instruction as well as safety and proficiency.

Get multiple ratings with the same instructor

Well maintained aircraft

Dispatch reliability should be at or near to 100%. Can you remember the last time your car didn't start? Neither can I. While the aircraft is a much more complex machine, the level of maintenance it receives should ensure reliable operation. In the past, it was not unusual to have flights cancelled on short notice due to a maintenance issues.

Excellent value

AFS believes that when you are considering a flight school, seek value. Value is determined based on quality plus price. You should focus on the quality of your flight training. However, the investment towards your flight training should be competitive. In other words, you need to feel confident that you will receive your flight training from experienced, professional Instructors who provide a safe, comfortable and productive learning environment.

Pipers are AWESOME!


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